🚨WARNING🚨: LinkedIn InMAIL Criminal VIRUS THREAT Disguised As POTENTIAL JOB By Cyber Hackers

Audio message of the threat of cyber attack by hackers below in video.

Press play to listen.


So these two "people" (or dummy profiles" are sending out [LinkedIn] Inmails and requests for connections. They pretend to be contacting you for REAL / LEGITIMATE work services or a job, and they give their number out for you to call them. (WHATEVER YOU DO - DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER IN THE SCREEN SHOT).

I called the number on my mobile Google Voice App to mask my number and IP just to be safe since the sender's LI profiles looked absolutely crazy. But you never know where a phone call will lead as far as "work" is concerned (and I've built brands in the CBD space) - so I had to call the phone number as I've been trying to bring in work unsuccessfully for the past 2 years because of the economic condition the pandemic has left all of us in - here in the U.S., and around

the globe.

When called, there's only an outgoing message that threatens you of a cyber attack and basically says (paraphrasing),

"Hello, glad you called, now I have your phone number, and from that I will have your IP address, and from that I will have my friends send out a virus that will control your phone, your laptop, your modem, your router and all of your devices. You are only alive bc I let you exist."

Straight out of a mid 90's "Cyber Suspense-Thriller Flick" like "Copycat" or "The Net"...with the same cliché weird masked / "digitally enhanced low-pitched" voice.

I tried to look up how to contact LinkedIn to send screenshots of their Inmails--but could not find a direct email to report abuse. Although I did block each connection request and blocked / reported their messages and profiles.

Other than that, because I cannot get them the audio recording of the threat directly - this is the only way I can successfully get this message out to everyone so THEY REPORT whomever is behind this and so they are investigated, and arrested.

This is the only real way I know how to warn everyone at the same time.

I'm sure this is nothing, and everyone in this digital age knows how easy it is to track anyone online. But I thought to expose this just in case to:

A. Help others.

B. Warn people before accepting their "connection request".

C. Have these people investigated just to be on the safe side even if they are dummy profiles and if this is a prank.

Not in my entire professional life has this ever happened to me--but I guess there's always a first time.

Ways to stay safe:

🦠Never click links in texts even if you think the text is valid.

🦠Never click links in emails even if you think the email is from a valid source.

🦠Check the code ORIGIN of each Gmail or any Email you get to make sure it's a "PASS" or "FAIL" in source code - or if coming from a trusted SOURCE or a REAL FRIEND, COLLEAGUE, or BUSINESS url. EVEN if you THINK there's no threat at all -- there very well may be.


The pandemic released a lot more than just a deadly virus.