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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

There are some clients I just LOOOOOVE to work for, and Donna Brann (aka Donna Fedor) is ONE OF THEM! This talented interior designer is taking her company to the next level and stepping up her game with all new branding materials, LOGO et al...and I HAVE THE PRIVILEGE of creating everything for her! YAY! Talk about a dream client...Donna is THE BEST

The first image in the gallery is the final approved version of the LOGO for But there are so many other versions that I go through before finally narrowing things down to the FINAL version the client ends up with. I loooove this project so much, I did two extra versions for Donna because she is so rad.

With every client, they get 3 logo direction black and white, and then they choose one direction to take to final completion. Each logo gets an icon, and a stacked version as well as the horizontally oriented version that you see above. And in some cases - I make an APP Icon so the client can visualize their logo in the digital space in various ways. The entire project is packaged with an "all-in" budget and the pricing is highly competitive for the industry. My clients get custom vector artwork, that's all original, and I steer away from just slapping on a font and "calling it a day" bc I actually draw each letter and each icon so the client ends up with something truly unique for their brand.

Donna's business is soon to explode online - while she's already a busy designer working out of her home office in Arizona. So look for her website soon - as I hope to be helping her with her website in the future as well! WOOT!

Check out the other versions - let me know your thoughts and feedbacks in comments below! Love constructive criticism!

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