🍁🍂Charcuterie Boards,Tablescapes and #Alltheholidaythings!

It's all about Artsy Fartsy Cheese Boards and Abundance for the Holidays!

Screw the diet. I mean - I run 10Ks 3 times a week and honestly - it's tedious and a huge time sink. Seriously. The holidays are all about indulging and friends, thankfulness, food and festivities! And there's NOTHING like a fabulous charcuterie board artistically constructed that legit delivers every time with shock and awe.

I totally want to join forces with a local caterer for November and December and run around putting together boards, bells, balls, atmosphere, and holiday spirit in the West Hollywood and Los Angeles areas for Covid-Safe Gatherings during the holidays. I mean, there's GOTTA be a WAY to do it, right???

Enjoy some photos. This is all I have for now - but I'll try to add more as I find them. I see A LOT missing from my San Francisco days...

🦃 Thanksgiving Table...🍂

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