Branding + Website Design Progress for my new Arizona Myotherapy Client, Annie Naylor

Annie Naylor, owner of Arizona Center for Myotherapy, has been such a wonderful client. She has really been a wealth of information, so knowledgeable about her specialized field of physical / muscle therapy, and really has taught me a lot. What's impressive is that her 30+ years in the business has completely been driven by word of mouth, without the use of any slick #branding, a real viable #website, or any #socialmedia (practically whatsoever). Her work is stand alone and people travel to her from all over the country for her services to fix what ails them and to reverse chronic pain from back, shoulder, leg, and hip injuries - to migraines and more. Annie is a vibrant authority in her field and truly loves what she does. I love these types of clients because not only is there so much I know I can do to augment their business - giving her a clear brand identity that reflects her amazing energy and her unparalleled physical therapy acumen, but because I know I am going to be enriched with quite an education throughout the process.

While Annie has been busy working and caring for her clients, I've been busy creating her logo, look and feel, working on copy for brand messaging with my amazing copywriter, Rebecca Luxton, and getting these first mock-ups of her website looking just right. I've pulled out all the stops with Annie because she deserves the best - from drawing my own #icons / #vector graphics, to giving her an on-trend "look and feel" that really shows her as the true authority she is in her industry of muscle #therapy.

Annie was so wonderful to even give me an early "review" on my work on #alignable. Take a peek below to check that out.

"Brian is building my website and rebranding me for the last couple of weeks and I have been on an incredible learning journey with Brian. He covers bases that I would have never thought of and have been so happy that my friend Donna Fedor recommended him. I believe my finished product will well exceed my expectations!!"

So between the two versions of the site, I wonder which one you think is the best? Love to hear your comments and feedback. And check out Annie's current website, the one she's had for quite some time...if you want to get ahold of her for some specialized physical therapy! You will find that the difference between what I am giving her and what she has now - is definitely NIGHT and DAY! I just know this will serve her well!

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Here are the matching #instagram grids for a new curated page that go with each website theme.