🍇🍷Persephone Vineyards gives us all something to look forward to (after #POTUS "goes rogue&qu

I'm making some wine labels, packaging, and marketing collateral for Persephone Vineyards - and I thought this interesting post about their next harvest might be a nice reprieve for everyone from the latest news / insanity happening in this country.

Soooo...if ya like 🍇 juice (which after the #POTUS shitstorm yesterday you might need a few hundred glasses) - this will give you something to look fwd to! 🐕🍇🍷😎💖 Lets all just drink some PV wine and get along...shall we?  https://www.facebook.com/PersephoneVineyards/posts/505870739758434

Below is Persephone...and she loves my design work so much that she can't stop smiling!  

So if you too need some graphic design help for your winery, small business or garganchuan company...email me at brianfranco24@gmail.com today!!!! Love to be of service! 

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