Supermodels and Successful Emails

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Let's #flashbackfriday #fbf to one year ago when I was designing for Cindy's skincare line, MB. There's nothing like working for a supermodel like Cindy. Literally every photo is guaranteed gorgeousness...and it makes the creative all the more stunning and successful. The best part about working for the brand was -- her. After I had the pleasure of meeting with her for the first time I quickly learned she was a brilliant business person that was very hands-on and wanted to make sure the very best creative was being produced for the line. Everything went through her at the end of the day and I really respect that--it was really cool to see. I hope to work with Cindy and the group again on some of the other amazing ventures they have...bc it literally one of my favorite projects to work on to-date.

Anyhoo--if your business needs email marketing campaigns that will garner high click through rates, email me at !

There's a reason why my campaigns are successful outside of optimizing for mobile experience, personalizing emails through targeted campaigns, taking the "less is more" approach, using custom photography (taken by me) to support each offer, and using the "F" pattern for layout when designing... So contact me and we'll take your email game to #nextlevel status. 😎🙌🏻

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