More on the Magic of Retouching and Happy #TBT, y'all!

A picture speaks a thousand words...

Happy #TBT #Throwback Thursday. Let's throw it back to that FITNESS SF shoot again - that was a MONSTER of a production - NO JOKE. And let me tell you - the retouching of ALL of the photos used for the gym was nothing short of a GINORMOUS effort!

There's really not even a lot to explain here - because the difference is so shocking in both photos from the BEFORE to what the AFTER actually ended up looking like.

If you need any retouching done for your business, for your Instagram Pics, for your LinkedIn Profile Pic, or your FB profile pics - or even wedding photos color corrected, cropped, or restored...send me a shout to! Would love to be of service! :) Happy #TBT #ThrowbackThursday y'all!

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