Getting the Creative Juices Flowing VERY EARLY! #spinning #waybackwednesday #fitness #goals

It's early. Very, very early. I know today I have a majorly busy day in downtown LA with a potential fashion client and then I have to rush back to Weho, for yet another meeting. So, my alarm went off at 430 am so I could have my #coffeetime, wake-up up (somewhat), and get to the gym. For some reason I'm most creative in the early AMs...especially during spin class - it's completely bizarre. Couldn't live without cycling - my Italian back end would be the size of Texas if I didn't...LOL.

Since it's #waybackwednesday, I thought I would post a photo or two of a shoot that I art directed with my photographer friend, Laryn Perkins (, This particular project was a massive undertaking - 16 models, 3 - 14 hour shoots in 3 locations and then facility shoots in all 6 locations for a company called FitnessSF in Northern CA. I about exhausting. Basically I was rebranding the company and completely overhauling their website. Today the site is a version of what I had created back in 2014 - but it's still staying pretty true to my design (which is nice).

OMG - it's 6am now! I have to run to the gym before I miss MY SPIN CLASS!!!! Cya Guys! B :)

#getyourfitnesson #makeithappen

I had to knock out the rough background from the top photo in this one to make my favorite instructor, Jules, riding in the Sunsrise! She's SO DAMN GOOD - if you are ever in SF - TAKE HER SPIN CLASS YOU WILL LOVE HER!

I LOVE this photo! All of these slider gallery billboards have so much retouching to make the models look like Superheros - but the girls were really gorgeous so it was more about color correcting and knocking out backgrounds and such. You should have seen the background before I made it all black - our set was a huge mess that day! But SO FUN!

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