IT follows me everywhere... IT Cosmetics Retargeting Banner Ads Up and Running!

Happy #Tuesday everyone!

IT's (punn intended) so funny (punny) when I'm sitting at my computer and I see my own work being displayed, like, EVERYWHERE on the interwebs...LOL. I mean, I know that's what's SUPPOSED to happen but honestly - I never really think about it because I'm so busy designing for so many other projects. I literally just forget. It's kinda fun when I'm randomly reminded the work is getting used all over the place. :) (See my handywork in the screenshots of the retargetting banners above!)

IT Cosmetics® is one of those brands I just loved working on. I'm really hoping to work with them more in the future...

If you have a cosmetics line or a beauty brand and you need retargeting banners (display ads), social media graphics for posts on FB, IG, TW (or wherever), emails or digital marketing of any kind - I definitely would LOVE to work with you! Let me know by sending me a shout at - and take a look at some of my samples at the website!

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