Good Morning! It's a Gluten-Free pancake kinda #MagicalMonday!

Basically, I woke up this morning and I instantly new it should be a gluten-free pancake kinda Monday! #YAS! (Sometimes you just know...)

I have a really weird habit of photo documenting most things that I cook / eat bc I'm so food obsessed LOLz. But, when I looked at the shot of my GF breakfast as I sat down to start designing, I realized a garganchuan (sp?) chunk of the plate missing! THE HORROR!!! I couldn't LIVE my entire day knowing I was going to post that ghetto pic. Soooo, what did I do??? I spent the morning RETOUCHING THE SHOT and fixing my plate (at least digitally - wah wah...I'll always have to look at that friggin' chip in real life...) LOLz.

Then I thought - what if dazzled y'all with the magical transformation of a "Before and After" photo of my gluten-free breakfast creation? Tah-DAH!

In my 17 years of designing I've retouched everything from this GF pancake plate to Super Models, Product photography for Bare Escentuals, Perricone, Meaningful Beauty, Crepe Erase, Fitness models, food porn and more... Unlike most normal designers who cringe at the thought of having to retouch, I LOVE IT! (Must be the OCD in me for sure. So satisfying. HAHA!)

Anyhoo, if you guys want my recipe for the GF pancakes (or heck - if you need any retouching for your own photos...plug, plug) just email me at I'd be HAPPY to oblige on both accounts!

Happy #MagicalMonday y'all!

Brian :)

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