Logos Iconography and Branding


Whether you are a small/med business or a corporate juggernaut, logos are our specialty and we can create something

that truly expresses your brand and makes the kind of impact in your industry to set you apart from the competition.

Plus, branded hand illustrated vector icons are bonus since you won't have to license stock illustrations!




What are brand guides and style guides and why does my business need them?


A brand style guide (also known as brand guide or brand guidelines) is essentially an instruction manual on how a brand should be communicated visually. It contains the standards required to represent your brand correctly both internally and externally.


A style guide keeps all the brand information (look and feel) in one place so that people don't have to hunt for it. This is especially important for the creative people – the designers, writers, and website managers who use the guidelines every day.  Employees also need to know the company's brand standards.  Take a look at DFM+D Brand Guide / Style Guide samples below...



Why pay for icons when you can have them custom created for your website or

mobile application?  No licensing fees, no temporary usage - you get a beautiful vector

set of icons to use forever, in any document, website, print brochure - in perpetuity.