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Brian is a Senior Graphic Designer/AD/CD with 18 years of experience creating websites (UI), buy flows (UI/UX), social media assets and platform design, email campaigns (static and animated), retargeting banners, and print for publication.


He specializes in branding, product / food photography, digital retouching, typography, iconography, art direction and creative direction. Brian uses Adobe's entire Creative Cloud suite working within CC Libraries and JIRA as a project management system. Brian also is familiar with Agile methodology and working within an agile framework in scrum teams in addition to knowing CRM tools like Salesforce "exact target", ASCEND, LisTrak, Privy, MailChimp and others to create emails, and customized email templates for any business.  Brian also has a rich history of working in Direct Response and uses DR Principles for email marketing  and websites to increase organic traffic for each site, increase click through rate for email marketing, and grow sales through higher conversion. 


Most recently, Brian has worked on website builds - visual design - UI/UX and migration for Herman Miller / Design Within Reach in addition to projects as Art Director for Capitol Records / UMG as well as Art Director at Deadline Hollywood and Art Director for The Marketing Arm working on clients like Snickers/ Mars Corp, Blue Diamond Almonds / Amazon.  Other noteworthy projects: Ne-Yo, Rise Against, JADAGRACE, Katy Perry, Capitol Records, Motown Records, Astralwerks, Virgin Records, and Priority Records, Brian has also worked on projects for Cindy Crawford (Meaningful Beauty), Elaine Irwin (Amla Glow), Jane Seymour (Crepe Erase), Lea Thompson/ Angie Harmon (LumiPearl), and companies like Bare Escentuals, Sephora, Levi's / Dockers, Fleishman / Hillard (Bayer), and Women’s Wear Daily.


Brian delivers dynamic, high quality graphics and engaging web UI that have proven to increase conversion rates and organic website traffic resulting in sales growth, and lasting consumer relationships.


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WEBSITES: How much do websites cost? How long do they take to build?

Pricing? It really all depends on what your business is, what their needs are, and what services or goods you are selling. Portfolio sites can be more simple than say, e-commerce websites, because there is less back end configuration for the payment tools, but generally your website design cost depends on how much your branding is developed, if you need a store, and how much information you have to contribute. The more you need, the more the cost will be incurred, but we like to work with every budget because we want to see the dream for your business come to fruition. Delivery time: A 6 page portfolio site can take about 35 - 55 days. A larger 7-10 page site with shopping cart and check-out for an Ecommerce website usually takes 55 days to code and test and about 45 days to design so we're looking at around 100 - 110 days (provided there are swift approvals). What about analytics on the website? Website Analytics Add-on = $700 per month. IF we learn there are changes that should be made from analytical reporting on the site, Designer will make changes at hourly rate to optimize the website for your target demographic that we find is going to your site, clicking, and converting.

  • Using Google Analytics, I can report on just about anything re: user behavior. Ex:
  • Total impressions, total views, total uniques
  • Time spent on site
  • Pathway taken through site
  • Retention and eventual dropoff
  • Demo, geo of visitors

BRANDING: How much do logos cost? Do you create Brand Guides? How long do they take to create?

Logos: This is THE MOST Important part to any business and the hardest to create. I've been making them for 15 years and they are a specialty for my company. I've worked on everything from DEADLINE: HOTSPOTS logos, CBD logos, Food and Beverage logos, to Travel and Leisture logos in addition to Agtech and BioTech company logos. Logos start at around $2000 for a package deal of many deliverables you would receive. No layered files (or mechanicals) are every given as a deliverable, but all the appropriate file formats are delivered for your logo to be seen both print and digital realms in every capacity. Brand Guides / Style Guides: Yes. I most certainly create these and they are an additional $1500. A brand style guide is a rulebook that explains how an organization presents itself to the world through its logo, font and color selections, photography and much more. Put another way, it's a reference tool that helps maintain consistency in what a brand looks, feels and sounds like. They can be created in many different ways and formats, and I usually output a PDF Booklet or Deck for the company to distribute to their sales associates and creative teams so everyone can follow the guides for one cohesive look across all channels - everywhere the brand is seen.

COPYWRITING: Do you write copy? How much does copy cost?

Absolutely. Copywriting is typicically included in the cost of Website Design, email marketing, and social media asset creation and promotion. We provide a vital service of proofreading copy the Client delivers and re-writing it into SEO Rich copy with keywords for your industry to augment search engine optimization. We use your initial copy doc and check for proper grammatical usage, correct spelling, and arrange content, if necessary, in a way that could better express ideas to make content more easily understood for the consumer to sell services.

PHOTOGRAPHY and Video: Do you shoot custom images / video for your websites?

i myself shoot product photography. I can shoot with a pro camera for projects with larger budgets where we use studio lighting, models, and dress sets... Or...I can do the same with my iPhone, shoot images and video - while still dressing up backgrounds and setting up shots and working with my own lighting rig in my home studio. And because I am a MASTER RETOUCHER, I can make the photos look like they were born from a $100K production. By doing this, for start-ups and small businesses, I make it possible to control look and feel of the brand imaging on a tight budget. Even Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez shot their last music videos on the iPhone. It is the future and the quality is superior. There just not a lot of need for pomp and circumstance of a major production anymore. I'm kind of a one-stop-shop where I art direct all shots, creative direct the production, pro retouch all the images and cut video in post, and output an amazing and visually arresting result.

ANALYTICS: Do you provide analytics for your social media and email marketing campaigns?

Yes. We do this as a part of a package deal in some cases and in some cases it comes a la cart. We run analytics on all campaigns every week and discuss reports every two weeks to summarize the data, what worked, what didn't, and how we can apply those learnings to the next month to drive traffic from Social Media or from an Email to your core website for high conversion, engagement, and CTR. SOCIAL POST PERFORMANCE $500 / $1000 Ad Spend by Client for 1 month only What we can report on:

  • Total clicks on the post
  • Total reach of the post
  • Total impressions (or times a given post or story has been seen)
  • For most platforms: Total video views (3s or longer in duration), watch time and retention rate
  • Total engagement (likes, comments, reactions, shares)
  • Engagement rate
  • Audience demographic
  • Organic performance (if we are also running ads on the post)

SOCIAL MEDIA: Do you set up social accounts? Do you run social media campaigns? Or do you just create social media assets (video, static images, and GIFS)?

SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM SET-UP and DESIGN $250/channel (this is not "Social Media Management"). • FACEBOOK BUSINESS • INSTAGRAM • YOUTUBE • TWITTER Configuration, profile pic design, Cover Page design. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS? Yes we run social media campaigns in tandem with our email marketing campaigns. See email marketing campaigns in this grouping of questions. SOCIAL MEDIA ASSETS? We CAN just create social media assets and we can do that with your photography, by shooting our own photography, or using stock photos. The cost of this will vary based on what you have to work with and if you want custom work or not. An "all-in" budget would be created and agreed upon with scope of work memorialized in our "Work For Hire Agreement". This is usually just based on my hourly rate. FB/IG audience targeted ads + campaign (for 1 month of reporting only) $1000 for analytics and creative $1000 suggested Ad Spend to see significant results.

EMAIL MARKETING: Do you run email marketing campaigns?

EMAIL CAMPAIGN DESIGN Email campaign analytics (Mailchimp) = $2700 all-in budget for 1 month promo

  • 12 Email Creatives - 2 different types of emails to A/B Test
  • 12 Supplementary 1:1 Posts to re-use from email creative for Instagram
  • 3 emails launched per week
  • 2 Revs per email if needed
  • Re-using copy from website
What we can report on:
  • A/B testing for subject line
  • Open rates
  • CTR (clickthrough rate)
  • How many people are ultimately reaching the site via email marketing (creating a or other tracking link)
EoM report email campaign outreach vs. site traffic growth By creating a traffic link and employing Google Analytics, we can track exactly how many people are reaching the site via email marketing Can also use Mailchimp analytics Cost of MailChimp Account is charged back to Client or purchased with Client CC. Estimate is $45/mo. but it depends on how big your email list is and how many emails are deployed per month.




Brian is a very accomplished designer whose email marketing design work added significant value to our team's projects. We were sad not to be able to retain Brian longer than his contract period, and wish him the very best with future clients and projects.

Josh Kahn

Senior Vice President at Capitol Music Group